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Over the last year with the coronavirus, we have all stayed in our countries because of lockdown.

When you have family or friends overseas or even in your own country it's not easy not seeing them.

Say you have someone who is having a birthday and you don't

know what to get them.

So you got some pictures of them and you doing silly things.

You can sift through all the pictures, videos of them and come up

with an amazing gift for them.

You can write a start card for them like

"I'm so sorry that I can't be with you on your Birthday...

but here are some good times we had"

You can write them an end card like

"We miss you!!!"

You can pick a song from our songs list, or make your own.

How happy would it be just to hear your voice?

Then email it all to us.

We will make you a video in any format you want and

send it back to you.

You can do this for a "business" or just to say "I love you"

Our prices are cheap, why don't you get a Quote?